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Alternative logo of Terror Toad: A toad on a pyramid, symbolising the company's origin story and commitment to creating fun, quick-to-learn board games and party games starting during the pandemic.
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Three friends brainstorming game ideas over a Zoom call, representing the inception of Terror Toad and their first party board game, G.R.I.M. INC (GRIM INC), during the pandemic.
Character Bob from GRIM INC party board game: A whimsical illustration of Bob, a character from our game GRIM INC, known for his mischievous antics and quirky charm.
Terror Toad logo for party board game company showing a sad toad
Text stating '2021: Registered Terror Toad LLP. Yes, there is a company called Terror Toad LLP on a government website!
Text: Successful Kickstarter campaign in 2021. Thanks to all supporters for making it possible!
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Text: In 2022, started selling our first party board game. More exciting developments ahead, stay tuned!
Alternative logo for party board game GRIM INC
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