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Imposter Pigeon: A Cheeky Addition to our Board Game Collection

MARCH 2024

Exciting news! This summer, we at Terror Toad are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest creation: "Imposter

Pigeon." Born out of a moment of jest but evolving into a serious endeavour, Imposter Pigeon promises to deliver

laughter and sneaky fun to your game nights.

The genesis of Imposter Pigeon traces back to a whimsical moment when team Toad member Mark, blurted out the

name during a brainstorming session. What began as a joke about a pigeon-themed twist on the classic card game

"Scabby Queen" soon evolved into a full-fledged concept for a small but highly emusing board game! (yes, expect

many bird puns from us going forward).

While Imposter Pigeon shares its roots with "Scabby Queen," it has transformed into a cheeky social deduction game.

In the game, 3-6 players must use their skills to identify the imposter among them. A sneaky wee pigeon is trying

to bluff its way into the flock - but where is it hiding? And who put it there? For the rest of you flockers: spot

the imposter and run them from the roost before things get hawkward! Yes, I told you there would be puns.

During the design process, we went back and forth, making sure there were enough subtle opportunities for strategic thinking, and we finally settled on our quick-rounds and special abilities. During play-testing, we printed out game out deliberately small (to save ink -we were only testing), but when we saw the mini-sized game, we became so attached to it’s cute size, that we opted for the game to stay small, portable, and adorable -if we do say so ourselves.

So it won’t be long now! Gather your flock and prepare for avian antics as you

attempt to outwit your bird-brained buddies. Imposter Pigeon is the perfect addition

to any game night, offering a light-hearted version of “The Traitors” and impostors

theme popularised by games like “Among Us”. Whether you're a seasoned strategist

or new to the world of board games, Imposter Pigeon promises fun and excitement

for players of all levels.

Looking for gift ideas or party games to play with friends? Imposter Pigeon ticks all the boxes. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for board game storage and indoor activities. Bring it out at gatherings, parties, or family game nights for a guaranteed good time. Plus, its quick setup and easy-to-learn rules ensure that you spend less time reading instructions and more time enjoying the game.

At Terror Toad, we take pride in crafting engaging and innovative board games, and with its blend of strategy and mischief, it's no wonder why Imposter Pigeon is poised to become one of our best board games of 2024, and our best board game for families.








So, whether you're a seasoned strategist or someone looking for a wee board game to add to your collection, you can reserve your copy NOW! Pre-orders are open as we prepare to launch this exciting new game and get ready to spread your wings to victory! Join us on an avian adventure -we can’t wait for you to play.

Imposter Pigeon will be making it’s convention debut at the UK Games Expo! See you in Birmingham!

making Imposter Pigeon, Board game inspired by Among Us and The Traitors
 Imposter Pigeon, Board game inspired by Among Us and The Traitors
 Imposter Pigeon, Board game inspired by Among Us and The Traitors. Final board game box
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