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The Manufacturing game
august 2022 

Hello fellow spawn!


THEY ARE FINALLY HERE! After over a year designing, refining, stressing and a whole load of a hard work - we have finally received our first delivery of G.R.I.M. INC. at Terror Toad HQ!


What a different universe the manufacturing world is! From prototypes, to freighting and everything in between - what a learning journey we have been on! The initial mission was even to find a manufacturer and we went all over the world sending emails and getting quotes, we were also receiving so many messages of people finding our business and offering their services!


Finally, after a lot of searching and narrowing down, we found the wonderful Ethan from ‘HS Boardgame Manufacturing’  who has been an absolute pleasure to work with! From the outset he guided us through the whole process, sent us our first official prototypes, dealt with all our freighting and safely delivered 1500 copies of our first ever game to Katie’s mums garage *ahem* our very professional warehouse (the delivery man was just as confused).


We had no idea about this process when we first started out, and it was great to find a highly experienced manufacturer who knew the whole process from start to finish. I can still remember the excitement of our first prototype arriving and how we raced to the house to open that box! To actually hold something in your hands, that you designed, and there is nothing else like it I the world is a feeling I can’t even describe! Plus it was great to finally play the game with actual playing cards and not just ones we had cut out and wrote on.


From there we got back in touch with Ethan, refined our designed and before we knew it we were sending an email with our finalised artworks and putting our trust in him to print over 1000 copies of something we had worked so hard on! When it arrived, with trepidation, we opened the boxes and counted each card deck and we are pleased to report that Ethan absolutely smashed it - and G.R.I.M. Inc. is officially here!


But now it is time for the real work to begin, promoting and selling this game for this tadpole to grow some legs and wonder out of the swamp!

Look out in your mail, there maybe be something very Grim coming your way soon - and very soon Ethan might be making something a little more… Bananas…

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