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Box dimensions: 21x15x4cm | Weight: 600g

Grim Inc the card game, cards against humanity meets bucket of doom meets an improv drama game


Welcome to G.R.I.M. INC., the quirky and funny party game for adults and teens where dark humour and edgy storytelling collide!


Step into the shoes of a Grimployee at the Grim Reaper's Institute of Murder and get ready for a night of twisted fun. As one player takes on the role of Line Manager, revealing Souls and Settings, the rest receive unique Implements - from a Whisk to Severe Ball-ache, or maybe even The Pope's Clean, Soft Hands!


In this fast-paced card game of wit and creativity, each player has just a minute to spin their tale of demise, crafting the most inventive pitch for the unfortunate Soul. Will you slay with Sarcasm, or shock with an Extension Cable? Collect three cards of Recognition to claim the prestigious title of Employee of the Month and secure your place with deathly glory.


With its dark and unique whimsical charm combined with it's easy to learn rules, G.R.I.M. INC. promises endless hours of laughter and entertainment boasting up to 128,000 possible combinations!


So, gather your friends, embrace your inner reaper, and let the morbid hilarity at games night begin! Are you ready to plot your way to victory with G.R.I.M. INC.?

GRIM INC gameplay metrics: Skull icons representing playtime, age range, and player count.
Two friends playing Terror Toad G.R.I.M INC. (GRIM INC) party board game, laughing at the dark humour
Three friends laughing at the dark humour of Terror Toad party board game GRIM INC (G.R.I.M INC.)
grim inc, GRIM INC, G.R.I.M. INC. card game party game

“Just when I thought my friend couldn't be more of a ****, we gave him dad’s ashes and he blew them in a surgeon’s eyes!”

grim inc, GRIM INC, G.R.I.M. INC. card game party game

“I can’t believe I managed to kill a jockey with a sweaty sock!”

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